We are so pleased to invite you along...

Winter is the time to recharge, plan and grow...

As the last of the garlic was planted, strawberries tucked under a bed of straw and the tools all cleaned and put away, the planning begins for the new spring season. Farming conferences, workshops and table meetings for inspiration with other ecological farmers keep us going. Planning crop rotations, buying new heritage seeds, ordering new fruit trees and bushes to add to our systems...planning all sorts of things for 2018...and sneaking some well deserved 'pony time' in there.


May 2018 the Running Paints Art Studio opens again with new artwork, and an open learning space in the barn loft overlooking the back fields. Join us for Fall Art Classes and learning experiences!

Our Ecological Footprint...

We strive to achieve a better balance with Nature, considering our impact that we have on the land and try to leave it better than we found it.  Pasture systems, annual vegetables, perennial fruits, natural areas are all interconnected. our animals and chickens have a role to play too. they are allowed to express their natural behaviours and contribute to the health of the farm.

More and more we strive to close the ecological loop on our farm creating health and abundance for all....with less work!


Our Farm

Art Studio

Our tiny farm has changed a lot over the last 14 years. Come on in and explore what we have been working towards... We are so excited!!! 

High Spirits Farm

We learn, laugh, play and dance with Horses! Good horsemanship give a foundation for a lifetime of enjoyment with horses. Learn how with our wonderful horses and experienced coach.

What is a Community Supported Agricultural program? Come inside and see. If you are passionate about  delicious, pesticide free and local veggies and fruit...This page is for you!!!