To see some of Laura's artwork, check out the other two pages under the Art Studio heading. One is specifically for horses, the other is dedicated to some of the other animals she has painted and landscapes.

SPECIAL ORDERS (Commissioned Work...)

Laura is one of the few artists who is willing to take on special commissioned work for clients. Doing a special piece isn't just about copying from a photograph. Laura wants to be able to capture a moment in time, a personality of an animal, a special meaning to the person it is being created for. "I love the challenge when a client comes to me with a series of pictures, an old video, or their best four legged  friend standing out in the pasture and asks if there is any way to get a portrait done. I start with a sketch and then use available materials to do the piece."

Laura also has recreated moments from the past from old photos, or visiting a site and drawing some ideas before the demolition of old barns and houses.  " I love history. An old farm house of 100 years has seen a lot. I feel that it needs to be remembered in some way. Even if it is just a simple sketch."


Laura does teach art classes for children, teens and adults.  Private, Semi-private groups are welcome. (Please contact for availability...)

Cost per student for art classes, are 25$ per hour for private, 25$ for two hours semi-private, and group lessons  (4-6 students) are 15$ per two hour class per student.

(Private and semi-private lessons are typically for  help or instruction on a specific topic the student needs.  Group lessons have a theme...introduction to watercolours for example.)

Workshops are done in 3 hour blocks. I have done an all day, 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours again in the afternoon. (9-4 with an hour break for lunch) Perspective, Introduction to Watercolours, Landscapes, Pencil Sketching 101, Introduction to Scratchboard are some workshops I have put together in the past. Feel free to contact for more info and pricing on workshops...


Horses are Laura's passion. You can certainly tell when you view her exquisitely detailed equine fine art pieces in wood sculpture, graphite drawings and paintings.

Since 1987, Laura has developed her work in a variety of subjects and media, but it is very obvious that horses are her greatest inspiration!

Laura's work is always in the ribbons. Since she started recently competing in wood carving shows for example, she has been pleasantly surprised to win, place or be in the top five in many of the shows that she has participated in.

"Entering competitions teaches you about what areas of your work could use some refinement, and inspires you to get better and better when you place it beside the work of your peers. Your work may be really good, but there is always room for learning and improvement on what you are creating. I do like competing in the carving shows. The judging is based on an objective criteria for the most part, and the judges themselves who are looking at your work are top masters themselves. They are often willing to give you hints and pointers to keep progressing."


Welcome to the fine art studio of artist Laura Savoy Boyle.

The art studio is located in the old barn loft.  It overlooks the back field with a wonderful view of the neighbouring rolling hills. You may even see our horses frolicking about.

The studio does double duty as an art work/display area and a teaching space. It is a 3 season space, heated with solar power (the afternoons in the winter the sun is low in the sky and heats the studio from the south and west facing windows) and when we need a little extra heat, we can turn on the overhead heater and electrical stove to make it a cosy work environment well into the winter months.

How the studio got its name...

"Some have asked me how the studio got its name Running Paints Art Studio.. I really liked the play on words first of all. Paints are very interesting colourful horses, and at the same time, I felt that Running Paints suggested an sense of unbridled creativity. Uncontrolled creativity allowing free exploration of different mediums, techniques, and subjects."