High Spirits Farm

For information about art classes, clinics and workshops, keep an eye on our events page. The Classroom opens again in April 2018 and will be set up with new artwork and displays May 12th-13th, 2018 Mothers Day weekend as part of the free arts experience  with the Rolling Hills Studio Tour.

Running Paints Art Studio is located in the old barn loft where you can peek out the window overlooking the back pasture and neighbouring rolling hills..

The studio functions as a display and work area for Laura’s art and as a teaching/classroom space. It is a three season space, with windows facing south and west to take advantage of passive solar heating and light. An overhead heater and small electric stove take the chill off on the crisp mornings.

The studio needed a little more work to be more user friendly deeper into the winter, and earlier in the spring. So a little TLC was called for before reopening in April. 2018.

Here Laura wears her creative hat. It is where it all began. Horses are her passion, and you can see them everywhere in her art. Since 1987 she has grown and developed her work in pencil, watercolour, acrylic and multimedia. In the last few years she has explored the equine form by carving them in wood. Her work is often in the ribbons.

”Entering competitions teaches me where my work can improve, become more refined and I can gather inspiration and confidence for my next piece. I particularily enjoy the carving competitions. Judging is primarily based on objective criteria, and the judges are master carvers themselves. They are willing to give  tips and hints for improving technique and such to encourage each artist to improve and progress.”  Wood not only allows for intricate sculptures representing the beauty of horses, but the wood itself has an incredible life and beauty of its own to be expressed.

Fall  2018  Art Classes now posted on our event page. Come play with us!!!