Welcome to our new adventure!

We would love to invite you to join us as a CSA member for the 2016 season. So what is a CSA you ask?

A CSA means Community Supported Agriculture. (we like to think more Community Shared Agriculture).

Community Shared Agriculture is a commitment between a farmer and farm members during a growing season of crops.

The members commit to buying a share, and with that share they support the farmer in buying seeds, and helping to get the season off to a good start with all necessary tools, labour and set up. In turn, the farmer commits to providing the best products (in our case vegetables) weekly for 20+ weeks to their members.

The advantage to the farmer is that not only costs are covered to begin the season, but a lot of the guesswork of what amount to grow, and what to grow for the season is taken out of the equation. Enough food is planted, with little to no waste.

Our CSA is a great choice for you if you want....

  • food that is so fresh, more than likely picked the day you come to pick it up.
  • Vegetables being grown from organic, heritage or heirloom seeds whenever possible.
  • no pesticides, herbicides, fungicides... EVER!
  • we are trying to bring back the WOW factor back to food. The fact that your food is harvested at its peak, and day of means it will be packed with the flavour it is supposed to have! Mmmmm
  • new vegetable and fruit varieties to try along with some of the regular veggies we all know and love.
  • you know where your food is coming from, and you are reducing your carbon footprint by shopping local and supporting local.
  • to have first dibs in our monthly mini market where as a member, you share in the abundance.
  • as a member, to have a say in what kinds of things you really liked, things you would love for us to try, things you may not want again  in your share for our next season plans.

For this year, we are only offering half shares which is enough food for two adults a week. The reason is that in addition to our regular crops we have had much success with, we are also trying a whole bunch of new crops for the first time. We want to make sure everyone has a good selection, and enough for a half share. You being one of our very first members get to have a say in what we grow and how much we grow of certain crops for next year. You are our partners in this venture. Next year  we will not only offer half shares, but also full shares. For this year, the half share will cost $400 dollars, and that will be for 22 weeks from June to October. It  works out to less than 20$ a week for your farm fresh veggies. Payment is due by May 1st, 2016 cash or cheque. Please feel free to call if you have questions.

Pictures coming soon!!!

Vegetables and fruit we are growing this 2016 season...

The Usual Suspects (our regulars...)                                                                       Our Try Outs (excited to try these ones!)

Beans (yellow,green),            Beets          Carrots             Chives (onion)                                                                                 Broccoli               Butternut Squash          Chilli Peppers     Cantaloupe

Cucumbers       Sweet Corn      Onions (bunching, yellow)     Potatoes (Yukon Gold)                                                              English Cucumber   Garlic        Ground Cherry    New Herbs

Peppers (Sweet red, green)  Tomatoes (cherry, field, heirloom)       Pumpkins                                                                        Hopi Squash         Kale         Kidney Beans (Canadian Wonder)

                                 Zucchinis      Swiss Chard                                                                                                                         Midget Melons       Red Onions       Spinach       Turnips    Watermelons