Glorious Strawberries!

We have to talk about our absolute favourite crop! Grown as a perennial, the Veestar strawberry is perfect for our farm. Almost as sweet and flavourful as a wild strawberry, it is a midsized berry that appears mid to late June. it lends itself well in organic production. You can find a quart or two of these beauties in your June share, and it is a very much anticipated treat.

Sometimes we luck out with another harvest in the early fall, but the thrips don't make  for very nicely shaped berries. So, we may make them into jam or preserves if there are enough. Last year, our parent plants put their efforts into making runners and lots of new babies. That was okay. We have planted them out to make new beds.

High Spirits Farm

Our Food Forest Gardens...

Presently there are over 20-25 different types of fruit planted in our south field. Grouped into guilds of various trees, shrubs and perennial ground cover, we are excited to see how this will come together over the next few years. We have already harvested some lovely strawberries, saskatoons, blackberries, blueberries, sour cherry and high bush cranberry from what we have established so far. We have planted several varieties of heritage apple, pear, plum, sweet cherry, peach, apricot, haskap, currants, gooseberry and we are trying out some hazelnuts with the hope they will like it here. 

Our Reliable Favourites...

We have those crops that we grow year after year. They perform well, easy to grow on our farm in our soils and we love them. Tomatoes, peppers, swisschard,red beets, potatoes, grand rapids leaf lettuce, green onions and storage onions, carrots, beans cucumbers and corn. Oh and then there is the zucchinis! Mmm....

.Recently,we did have a couple of rough seasons (unprecedented drought followed by a season of cold and wet) which taught us a lot. We learn each year what each crop tells us so that we can build resilience and a better chance of success for next year.

New Favourites....

So many seeds, so little time!! We have a bunch of new favourites to add to our list. Kale (the only brassica that really loves our place...) we have tried cabbage, but our shinning stars tend to be all sorts of beans, long slicing cucumbers, and we have discovered some heritage melons that are off the charts for flavour!

This year we will try for the first time some new winter squash varieties, and some new heritage corn crops.

Every year we try a few new things to keep it interesting.  We will try to remember to do some write ups on the new crops as they come along, and how we can all best enjoy them.

Just a few things we grow on our farm...Beans (yellow, green, dry) Carrots, Chives, Cucumbers, sweet Corn, Garlic, Ground Cherries, Kale, Onions, Potatoes, Peppers, Pumpkins, Spinach, Swisschard, Heirloom and Cherry Tomatoes, Melons and Watermelons, Winter Squashes and luscious strawberries and other seasonal berries.

At our monthly mini on farm market, or by request we have organic eggs from our hens for sale. We will also be able to take orders for maple syrup, honey and other treats from our neighbouring farmers.

What is a CSA?  'CSA' stands for Community Supported Agriculture (but we would prefer...Community Shared Agriculture...)

A CSA is a commitment between a farmer and farm member during a growing season. The member commits to buying a share, and with that share they support the farmer in buying seeds, and helping to get the season off to a great start with the necessary tools, labour, set up and packaging.  In turn, the farmer commits to providing the very best produce (in our case veggies and fruits) weekly for 20+ weeks. The advantage to the farmer is that not only costs are covered to begin the season, but a lot of the guesswork of what amounts are needed to be grown and what to grow is taken out of the equation. Enough food is planted with little waste.

Our CSA is a great choice for you if you want...

  • food that is incredibly fresh. More than likely picked at its peak just before you come to pick it up.
  • Vegetables and Fruits that are heritage varieties we chose to grow for their beautiful flavour, texture, colour first!  We are working hard to bring the WOW factor back to food!
  • No pesticides. EVER!  Hard to believe, but when we concentrate on soil health and use techniques like companion planting  for pest management,etc.,so we don't need to!
  • You are doing your part for the environment as we pledge to do our best for the ecology on our farm.
  • You know where your food comes from, how it was grown, and you are reducing your carbon footprint by shopping local, supporting local.
  • You have first dibs on the monthly on farm mini market starting in late June. As a member, you get to share in the abundance. you also get a say in what new crops we can try like pickling cucumbers, or Scottish Dwarf Kale (Our members requested these...) and you can let us know which ones just don't really do it for you. (Sorry red top got voted out...) Minnesota Midget what a treat! A sweet handy sized cantaloupe. Definitely worth repeating....


Each week, you will have a minimum of 6-8 items of seasonal vegetables and fruits from our farm of the minimum value of 20$+ per week. Feedback that we are getting is that is the perfect amount for a couple of adults per week without waste. If you have a larger family or some hungry vegetarians in your home, then maybe considering two shares for your household will keep everyone happy. We are pretty flexible. That is the advantage of being a smaller CSA. More attention to our members. You are our extended farm family, and you get a say in what crops you would love to see more of next year, and we will try our best to accommodate. You are our partners in this farm venture. We will keep our share price to $420 for 20-22 weeks. If the weather cooperates then longer we will go! We start early June with greens, and we finish up at the end of October with the fall bounty. Payment is due by May 1st for  your share(s) by cash or cheque. Please feel free to contact us for details if you have any questions.

Our  CSA  (Community Supported Agriculture) program.....Come Join Us!!