Goals for 2016

Still working on lighting for our outdoor ring. We are looking into an affordable and most environmental solution.

New jumps, and working equitation obstacles for the clinic and shows this year.

Completion of phase 1 of our Permaculture plans, and completion of our first season offering a CSA market garden with plans to grow bigger next year. Check out our new CSA page to find out all about it.

Environmental Stewardship...

Our farm was a mess when we bought it.  We move forward always trying to live by the motto 'Leave it better than you found it'.  Lots of trips to the dump and recycling later, the place started to shine.

We bed our horses down in a biodegradable wood pellet (a clean bi-product from the wood industry) and when the horses are done with it, the pellets make great compost which either we use ourselves, or we give away. 

The studio/classroom is heated mainly with ambient sunshine from the south and west facing windows, with the heaters only needed for backup.

In our vegetable garden, we do not use pesticides or herbicides. We use companion planting to control pests. Did you know that rabbits don't like onions? Potato bugs HATE beans?

We use our flower gardens as nurseries for native plants and flowers to transplant back to where they used to grow in abundance on our property such as Black-eyed Susans, Bergamot, Butterfly Weed, and Wild Roses. The Big Bluestem is coming back in our south pasture, along with other native prairie grasses after years of neglect and damage.

In the summer, the horses have the full run of our 4+ acres, where they can travel and forage freely up and down the hills. This helps them to keep in shape, their hooves healthy, and their minds free.  This year, we are implementing the next phase of our Paddock Paradise system which controls where they go, and allows the paddocks to rest and regenerate.

2016 marks the beginning of phase 1 of our Permaculture Orchard which spreads over our 2 acre south pasture area with an introduction of 30+ fruit and nut trees,and native plants indigenous to the Oakridges Moraine where we live.


  •  15x19 ft Teaching Space (3 season presently) with tables and chairs, educational and supportive materials for students. Large Equine reference library available for students.
  • For HORSEY activities
  • We have a quaint 3 stall barn with a tack room for our horses and students.
  • 100x130 ft grass/sand Outdoor Arena with dressage markers and jumps, pedestal, some obstacles and toys.
  • 50ft round pen for liberty work and for beginning students
  • Front paddock that has the 'carwash', log jump, etc.