A common question we get, is what is the difference between a Canadian, and a Canadian Sport Horse?

The easiest way to answer this, is to say that a Canadian horse is a breed (FYI the national breed of Canada, and the patrimonial horse of the province of Quebec).  A Canadian Sport Horse is a type, not being any specific breed. Rather, it reflects specific attributes of a horse suitable for Olympic competitions (jumper,dressage,eventing) being bred with this in mind. For example, Bailey is a register Canadian Sport Horse, her breeding is Trekener/Thoroughbred cross. Hope this helps a bit.

BECKY (Moncton Meadows Duc Rebecca)

Becky is our newest member. She joined us in the spring of 2014. She is also a Canadian. At the age of 9, she is 14.1h and she looks after both children and adults alike.  She comes to us with a strong foundation of good horsemanship, just needed some miles.  She was looking for a job.  She is showing great potential to become a 'catch-all' Pony Club type horse.  She is soft and patient on the ground, and as long as you are polite with her, she will happily do what you ask.  We are so excited to see what she can do!

Magie (Litjens Champlain You're*Magic)

Magie is the baby of the family. She is Laura's future dream horse. She is a Canadian. She is too young to be in the program yet being only 3 years old, but she loves attention so we will bring her in for some light play on the ground (demos) and into the barn for grooming and treats of course. She is starting under saddle in the spring. She is already 15.3h.  Our big and beautiful growing girl.

VICTOR (Recite)...

Victor ...Well he is quite the character. He will test your metal in :how good is your horsemanship...Really??" Under saddle, he is more appropriate for more advancing students. On the ground if you get it right, he will show off and make you look good!  He has been Laura's levels horse since 2005. She found him in 2005 with the Longrun Retirement Society and he really wanted a job. He celebrates his 15th year.  He has finally figured out that he is retired from the race track. He is a thoroughbred, standing a buff 15.3h. Sometimes he plays as if he were 17+hands. This guy has presence!


Bailey is our 13 year old shy little Canadian Sport Horse.  She is amazing on the lungeline to teach students just starting out. She is very soft on the ground and will wait for you to figure things out. She is a very willing participant, and will teach her students how to become soft, understanding and light. As a warmblood she is on the small size of 15.1h, but well makes it up with amazing movement and a huge correct walk.