"Laura coached me in Natural Horsemanship for about two years. She taught me how to read my horses, and how to best communicate with them. We worked on our ground skills as well as in the saddle. She taught me how to open gates on horseback, and how to approach and retreat from obstacles or new objects with confidence.

I now ride with confidence down the trails with my two horses! If you are looking for confidence on the ground and in the saddle, I highly recommend Laura Boyle." Telma Grant PT

"I had a devastating fall a few years ago in a lesson at the canter at and was badly hurt. The body healed, but my confidence was shattered. I met Laura at an art show of all things, and we started chatting about horses.  I found out that she even taught older adults like me.  Laura helped me through the toughest time in  me ever even wanting to  get back on a horse. It took a long time, but she was so patient and encouraging . She helped me restore my confidence, and my dreams. I now own a wonderful horse of my own, and he and I  go everywhere together! We have even went on a hunter pace lately, and had a blast!  Thankyou Laura for helping me recapture my dreams!" Eva S.

"My daughter was having such problems with her horse Rocky charging his fences in the hunter ring. She dreamed of doing jumper some day, but he was terrifying. Three teachers later, Rocky was still out of control. A friend recommended Laura Boyle to us, even though I was skeptical about all this 'horsemanship stuff'. We were at a point that we were going to have to sell the horse. We didn't realize Rocky had confidence issues about a lot of things. Jenna learned to help him on the ground, and in the saddle. Now they jump fences calmly together, and she is on to jumping cross country next year. Many thanks for the help." Karen M. 

Just for fun...

What is the difference between an instructor and a coach??

Simplest answer, an instructor is a teacher. They teach you a new concept or idea. A coach is someone who is still working as your teacher, but supports a concept or idea you are already familiar with.  You may need help to progress, or change what you are doing to achieve success...

Laura likes the word 'coach' since a lot of her students are already coming with years of experience with horses, but they are seeking a better way of communication on the ground and in the saddle to advance their skills. She instructs new riders, giving them a solid foundation of safety, confidence, and skill. "My philosophy is that the horseman at the beginning of his or her journey is the most important phase. This is where we all start. The foundation where everything else is built upon begins here."

What do I get out of this as a student you ask?

Laura has a toe in both the traditional world of working with horses, and the world of natural horsemanship.  Her focus on the ground provides an educational experience for the student to become safe, confident, and they gain experience to read a horse's subtle body language. This translates into the saddle to create success in better communication and supports a progressive partnership between horse and rider no matter what their discipline.

"My goal is for each ride or play session should always end with both human and horse happy, connected, relaxed and looking forward to the next time they are together."

Laura is getting ready to put her principles to purpose with her young Canadian, Magie. She has a great interest in Classical Dressage, and Working Equitation. She plans to hold dear the objectives of what dressage should be all about.

"The object of dressage is the development of the horse into a happy athlete through harmonious education. As a result, it makes the horse calm, supple, loose, flexible, but also confident, attentive and keen, thus achieving perfect understanding with the rider." Article 401 of the FEI rules fro dressage.

"Horsemanship is not a destination. Rather a great and ever evolving journey that horse and human should enjoy together." Laura V. Savoy Boyle.

"A strong foundation in good horsemanship will take a student as far as they want to go.  Maybe a recreational rider who wants to feel safe and confident with their horse on the trail, or a rider with competitive goals in mind looking for a great partnership with their horse.   Any horse and rider can benefit."

Over Laura's career, she successfully competed in the hunter/jumper ring, in dressage, and she evented up to Pre-Lim level. She even tried her hand at western trail! Even though she had a lot of experience in the show ring, she always found herself wondering if there was something more. More to her horsemanship.

"In 2005, something shifted. Even though I was having great success with the horses I was riding, I always felt like there was something missing."

Over the years, Laura studied the work of Ray Hunt, Tom Dorrance, John Lyons, and Monty Roberts. She followed ideas from Linda Tellington Jones and her TTouch method to gently start her personal horse Brandy even though there were snickers and sneers from her peers.  In 2005, she was introduced by a friend to a Natural Horsemanship home study program that changed everything.

"Pat Parelli's principles and qualities of a horseman I carry with me every day I go out to the paddock. My horses thank me for it. I have an incredible relationship with my horses now. My favourite thing to do with them is play at Liberty. I couldn't see myself ever doing what I do now."


Laura Boyle has been involved in the horse industry instructing and coaching students from children to adults, beginner to advanced since 1991. In 1994, she received her coaching certificate through the Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association. She holds an up to date First Aid/CPR certificate.  She regularly takes part in clinics, workshops and seminars to update and continue her own education as coach. She holds a gold coaching certificate from the Natural Horseman's Association.

Over the years, Laura has found that her specialty is working with the timid riders, and with her quiet attitude and knowledgeable support, she helps her students gain confidence and competence.