Common Questions...(of course, we are always open to more...)

Why do I need ground skills? Why can't I just ride?

Everything you and your horse need to know can be taught from the ground first. Then what you have learned together can be easily applied in the saddle. Safety to Confidence to Competence.  As you progress through your lessons, you may find that you 'warm up' on the ground with your horse by yourself, and spend most of your lesson time in the saddle.

I don't want to do 'Dressage'. What if I want to jump? Or I just want to trail ride?

Would you like to ride a horse that seems to be able to 'read your mind'? So light from seat and leg, it feels like moving a feather across still water? A horse that trusts you and has confidence in your direction and leadership will do everything for you. Balance down a steep hill, open a gate, cross water, rock back on his haunches to breeze over the oxer from a tight rollback... sounds good? We can help you achieve all of these things...including some 'fancy dressage moves'.

Our horses here are used to being ridden by mostly seat and leg. Not the reins, for we believe the reins are not for stopping but for communication.  We start out all students in a rope hackamore, and move up into a bitless bridle.  Not that our horses can't wear bits, some work better without.  A bit in a horse's mouth is for refined communication and a student starting out learning how to be independent in their balance can be forgiven a little better by the horse if they accidently pull on the reins and it isn't attached to a bit.

I am actually looking for someone to train my horse for me. Will you train my horse for me?

No. We will however teach you and your horse together as a team. That way when you go out to play with your horse, you will know exactly what to do, and when to do it. You need to be an active participant.

Can you come to my farm?

As long as you have an appropriate and safe area to work, Laura is willing to travel to you. The first 15 kms away from HSF is free.  Time/Mileage past that is at a reasonable rate, and the regular lesson rates apply at no extra charge.

Okay. I want to take some lessons with you. What do I need to bring?

You need to bring a riding helmet ASTM approved, boots with a low heel, and comfortable pants. No dangling earrings please for safety.

If you don't have a helmet to start, you can borrow one and then go and purchase your  own.  We provide training sticks and strings and all of the toys and tack you need to play with your horse. We find students often go out later on and buy some of their own equipment. They can personalize it with their favourite colours,etc.

Be prepared to discuss your goals. We will assess where you and your horse are right now, and formulate an achievable plan to reach those goals and beyond!  We take your partnership with your horse and go to the next level. Lessons are for your Safety, Confidence, Competence, Excellence and Partnership in Fun!

'Horseless Workshops'

What is this all about?

Horseless workshops are 3 hours long, and allow students to explore topics relating to horse behaviour, feeding, student simulations, maybe bandaging and braiding and other popular topics.  Workshops also include dvds and other hands on materials for students to facilitate learning.

Cost of workshops is 30$ per student. Max 4-6 students.

When are these? 

We hold them throughout the year. Watch the News/Events page for info on upcoming workshops.

Summer Camps

We offer a small private camp experience in the summer for children and adults. Max 2-4 students for the moment. You get the one on one instruction, 3 hours of riding a day in two 1 1/2 block with the rest of the day is horse-related stuff in the barn or classroom. Camps are run Mon-Fri 9am-4pm.  Watch News/Events for details. 

Part Leasing:

We are open to part leasing on property to our regular students. The package includes 1 lesson a week, and 2 practice rides a week. No jumping, and must be supervised by the instructor. A great way to feel like you own a horse, without the costs. Also a great way to practice what you are learning in your lessons.  Cost is 245.00 a month.

Our Philosophy here at the farm is Foundation is Everything.  Using principles of Natural Horsemanship and Classical Dressage, students gain a solid foundation to carry on into the discipline of their choosing.  It may be as simple as feeling safe and confident on the trail, to competing in Dressage, Working Eq, Western, Jumper.

We feel that it is extremely important to support the novice horse enthusiast especially. We all started out here. This is the time to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to build a foundation.  On the ground,the student learns how to be safe around horses, reading horse body language and behaviour. They learn how to communicate with the horse on the ground, and how it translates to an easier, clearer communication in the saddle. Students learn to become confident and competent in their skills becoming more creative and playful with the horses.

Lesson Prices...

Private lessons are 45.00 for 1 hour. 4 week package of private lessons is 150.00

Semi-private lesson is 35.00 for 1 hour. 4 week package is 120.00 (semi private is 2 people)

Special Introductory lesson:  Come see what we are all about. Book a 1 hour private lesson for 25.00!

Allow for a half an hour before to get your horse groomed and ready.

Cancellation policy: Must be 24 hours in advance and can be rescheduled. Otherwise charges apply.  We are subject to inclement weather due to being an outdoor facility. We will notify 24 hours in advance and can offer rescheduling of your lesson at your convenience or credit it forward.

Students must be a minimum age of 8 years.